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Special Features

Interview with Bob Seiner
by Nicola Askham, Robert S. Seiner
The Data Governance Coach Blog
In this interview Nicola Askham asks Bob Seiner some personal questions regarding how he got started in Data Governance and some other interesting tidbits.

Enterprise Data Warehousing and BI Best Practice
by David Haertzen
Review of Larissa Moss's Book
David Haertzen gives this book kudos and finds it inspiring – it is what he would wish for in great book about leading successful EDW/BI programs.

Best of 2013 - Walk Softly: Why Non-Invasive Data Governance™ Wins
by Jelani Harper
Previously Published in March 2013
This Special Feature is republished with the permission of DATAVERSITY from their website at Thank you Jelani for doing such a great job of describing the Non-Invasive approach to Data Governance.

Best of 2013 - Interview with Pablo Riboldi - 2013 Data Governance Best Practice Award Winner
by Pablo Riboldi, Robert S. Seiner
Previously Published in August 2013
Bob Seiner interviews the 2013 winner of the Data Governance Best Practice Award, Pablo Riboldi of the LDS Church.

Best of 2013 - The Evolving Data Modeler Skillset
by Steve Hoberman
Previously Published in October 2013
Steve Hoberman shares his views on the evolving data modeler skillset and the DMZ events.

Best of 2013 - IT Matters. Again.
by Richard Hammell
Previously Published in January 2013
The hoped-for return to growth, following the financial crisis of 2008, has yet to become established. But, in this Special Feature from Richard Hammell, he tells us that despite or possibly because of this, businesses are spending again on IT.

Master Data Mgmt & Data Governance
by Aaron Zornes
Strategic Planning Assumptions for 2013
This Special Feature is being published in association with the Data Governance Conference Europe 2013 & Master Data Management Summit Europe 2013 hosted by IRM UK on April 15-17, 2013 in London, UK, Click on the link at the end of the Special Feature for more information.

Book Review: Secrets of Analytical Leaders
by David Haertzen
Review by David Haertzen of Wayne Eckerson's Book
David Haertzen reviews this October 2012 book by Wayne Eckerson.

Review of Building the Agile Database
by Michael Tozer
Michael Tozer reviews the new book by columnist Larry Burns.

Review of Data and Reality 3rd Edition
by Siraj Samsudeen
Siraj Samsudeen reviews the 3rd edition of William Kent's book Data and Reality, originally published in 1978 and updated by Steve Hoberman for 2012.

The Myth of Information Overload
by Craig S. Mullins
Craig Mullins' whole career has been based on managing data and producing information and, as such, he is intrigued with the issue of information overload -- or the perception that there is too much information.

Three Books for the Next Ten Years
by Charles Betz
Charlie Betz shares information about three books that will help us all through the next ten years.

Happenings in Data Governance
by Davida Berger
Updated for June 2012
Davida Berger keeps us up to date with activities in the Data Governance industry.

Interview with Steve Hoberman on the Upcoming Data Modeling Zone Conference
by Steve Hoberman, Robert S. Seiner
Robert Seiner discusses the upcoming conference, Data Modeling Zone, with Steve Hoberman.

Happenings in Data Governance
by Davida Berger
Davida Berger shares information about activities taking place in the Data Governance industry.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics – What’s All the Rage About?
by Martha A. Dember, CBIP
This Special Feature from Martha Dember explores the benefits of predictive analytics in the age of big data.

DM Forum and the Enterprise Architecture and Data Warehousing 2012 Conference
by Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Strategic Direction for your Organization
This Special Feature from Anne Marie Smith describes the DM Forum event held in New York City in March 2012.

Book Review: UML and Data Modeling
by Keith Gordon
A Reconciliation by David C. Hay
Keith Gordon's review of David C. Hay's new book UML and Data Modeling.

Book Review: Principles of Data Management:
by David C. Hay
Facilitating Information Sharing
David C. Hay's review of Keith Gordon's book Principles of Data Management.

What's New in Data Governance
by Davida Berger
Davida Berger shares up to the minute happenings in the world of Data Governance.

Patterns for the IT Process
by Charles Betz
This book excerpt from Charles Betz new book provides on overview of IT process principles and patterns.

Happenings in Data Governance
by Davida Berger
Conferences, Teleconferences, Webinars, ...
In this Special Feature, Davida Berger brings us up to date on happenings in Data Governance.

Interview with Susan Earley of DAMA on the DAMA Dictionary, 2nd Edition
by Robert S. Seiner
Robert Seiner discusses the DAMA Dictionary, 2nd Edition with Susan Earley of DAMA.

Interview with Michael Brackett – Author of Date Resource Simplexity: How Organizations Choose Date Resource Success or Failure
by Robert S. Seiner
Robert S. Seiner interviews Michael Brackett about his new book, Data Resource Simplexity, and discusses the theory that organizations choose success or failure.

Happenings in Data Governance
by Davida Berger
Conference, Award, Professionals Organization
Davida Berger keeps us current with an update on activities in the Data Governance industry.

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