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Perspectives Columns

Managing Risk in a Flat World
by Isaac Cheifetz

Data Integrity in a New Light
by Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

A Steward is Like a Babysitter: (To Own or Not to Own)
by Robert S. Seiner

Data Mining on a Budget
by Joe Celko

EII - Dead on Arrival
by Andy Hayler

Of Course IT Matters
by Isaac Cheifetz

Meet the New Information Architects
by Paula Thornton

ERP II - Deja-vu?
by Andy Hayler

Butterfly Ballots Flustered Floridians
by Kevin Craine
Anyone trained in creating documents would have known that butterfly ballots would foil folks at the polls

Data Quality Starts at the Front Line
by Robert S. Seiner

Through the Looking Glass
by Craig S. Mullins

Reinvent Yourself
by Paula Thornton

Entities, Attributes and Elements: What Language(s) Are We Speaking?
by William J. Lewis

Untangling Spaghetti (Real World ODSs)
by Danny Wall

XML: Catalyst for Convergence?
by William J. Lewis

SQL Server 7.0 - A Consultant's Perspective
by Michael Yocca

Data Archeology
by Michael Bingle

DAMA International Symposium and Technology Transfer Institute (TTI) Metadata Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey - April 1999
by Robert S. Seiner

A Headhunter: Not an Executive Recruiter
by Railton Cabbell

Best of Times - Worst of Times
by Robert S. Seiner

Human Resources: The Forgotten Treasure
by Paula Thornton

Neglected no Matter how you Spell it
by Robert S. Seiner

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