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September 1997


Data Warehousing Strategies: Providing Insulation from Packaged Application/Legacy Systems
by Paul Sturlis

System Architecture: Jargon or Strategic Weapon
by Stephan Streitberger
A systems architecture is a tool for senior management to identify and define the companies applications portfolio.

IRM: Data Administration VS. Database Administration
by Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Data Stewardship: Process for Achieving Data Integrity
by Claudia Imhoff
Data Steward - Person responsible for managing the data in a corporation in terms of integrated, consistent definitions, structures, calculations, derivations, and so on.

How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Warehouse
by Stacey Herdlein
Building a data warehouse usually involves more human and capital resources than any other information technology project an organization has undertaken.

Objects and Business Views
by David C. Hay
The requirements analysis process, as described in most methodologies’ system development life cycles, typically addresses both rows 2 (the owner’s view) and 3 (the data architect’s view) of the Zachman Framework.

The Role of NIST in SQL Standardization
by Michael M. Gorman

Data Administration and the Internet
by Clive Finkelstein
We are all used to working in an environment of change, but the pace of change in the IT industry today is unprecedented!

Grade School Lessons: Applied in Technology
by Rebecca J. Duffy

What If Your Customers Aren't Who You Think They Are
by Patty Baker
Yesterday's market approach focused on line-of-business orientation, product line profitability, and mergers and acquisitions. These were seen as fundamental business methods required to optimize and grow the corporation. Picks