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May 2015


What Not To Tell Management About Data Governance
by Robert S. Seiner
To Share Or Not To Share
In this excerpt from Bob Seiner's soon-to-be-released book, Bob tells us that sometimes it is helpful to consider what NOT to tell management as part of how we talk to management about Data Governance.

Lord of the Data Rings
by Daragh O Brien
Part 1: The Data Gollum
In this article, Daragh O Brien introduces the term “Data Gollum” when discussing Data Ownership as a way of warning people of the dangers of terminology.

The Curious Case of Modern Consistency
by Dan Skatov
In this article, Dan Skatov tells us that recent movement in the market is not a back-to-basics but rather a search for an out-of-the-box DBMS’s to handle data management facets better apiece instead of compromising.

Special Features

Interview with Bob Seiner
by Nicola Askham, Robert S. Seiner
The Data Governance Coach Blog
In this interview Nicola Askham asks Bob Seiner some personal questions regarding how he got started in Data Governance and some other interesting tidbits.

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Featured Columns

Real-World Data Governance - August 2014
by Robert S. Seiner
Webinar -- Navigating the Ocean of Data Governance Tools
REGISTER TODAY for webinars with Bob Seiner & DATAVERSITY. Real-World Data Governance addresses the most important Data Governance issues of the day.

The EIM Puzzle - August 2014
by Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
EIM and Data Governance: Is there a difference?
EIM is defined as a program that manages the people, processes and technology in an enterprise ... According to Anne Marie Smith, this is not the definition of Data Governance.

The DAMA Corner - August 2014
by Lisa Nelson, CDMP, DTM
An Update From DAMA International
In this column, Lisa Nelson bring us up to speed on many of the activities of DAMA International.

Agile Data Design - August 2014
by Larry Burns
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
What a successful BI project teaches us, ultimately, is humility. Larry Burns tells us that we did not know what we thought we knew, and are not doing what we ought to be doing. Humility, as Mr. Toad discovers in the story, is the prerequisite to successful change.

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Managing Risk in a Flat World
by Isaac Cheifetz

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