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April 2014


Data Governance Leadership Best Promoted from Within
by Robert S. Seiner
In this rare mid-month article, Bob Seiner helps you to identify the best person to lead your organization’s data governance program.

Non-Invasive Data Governance™
by Robert S. Seiner
Versus Other Approaches to Data Governance
This article previews the forthcoming book from Bob Seiner - highlighting the differences between the Non-Invasive and other approaches to data governance.

Information Governance
by Daragh O Brien
Real-World Example of Why it is Critically Important
In this article Daragh O Brien shares with us a Real-World example of why Information Governance is Critically Important.

Research on Data Warehousing Specialists
by Traci E. Davis
O*NET/USDOL - Calling All Experts!
In this Call to Action, Traci Davis tells us about a free, easy-to-access occupational resource sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Special Features

Enterprise Data Warehousing and BI Best Practice
by David Haertzen
Review of Larissa Moss's Book
David Haertzen gives this book kudos and finds it inspiring – it is what he would wish for in great book about leading successful EDW/BI programs.

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Featured Columns

Real-World Data Governance - April 2014
by Robert S. Seiner
Webinar -- How to Write a Data Steward Job Description
REGISTER TODAY for webinars with Bob Seiner & DATAVERSITY. Real-World Data Governance addresses the most important Data Governance issues of the day.

The Skeptical Architect – April 2014
by Frank Kowalkowski, Gil Laware
Using Architecture for Business Improvement
In this column by Gil Laware and Frank Kowalkowski, they tell us that there is a significant difference in architecture perspectives and analysis approach one uses for business improvement.

The Database Report - April 2014
by Craig S. Mullins
Reporting on Database Industry News from January through March 2014
In this column, Craig Mullins shares with us all the news that is fit to print in the database industry for the first quarter of 2014.

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Managing Risk in a Flat World
by Isaac Cheifetz

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