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VOLUME 18 ISSUE 07 - JULY 2014

The content for The Data Administration Newsletter ( is taking a brief summer hiatus. A new article has been added for July but due to family and work commitments the publication content will be restarted soon. Thank you, as always, for being a reader.

The July update of contains the new article from Daragh O Brien (Lord of the Data Rings, Part 1: The Data Gollum) as well as the June articles from Robert S. Seiner (Data Governance Best Practice Development & Analysis), Nicola Askham (7 Tips for Running a Successful Data Governance Forum), Bonnie O'Neil (EDW and the Current State of Data (Management!)).

Feature Columns are available from Robert S. Seiner (Real-World Data Governance - July 2014), Gil Laware and Frank Kowalkowski (The Skeptical Architect - April 2014), Craig S. Mullins (The Database Report - April 2014) and Ron Ross (Business Rules - March 2014).

A Special Feature, a review of the latest book from Larissa Moss by David Haertzen was added, and the Best of 2013 Special Features are still listed from Jelani Harper (Walk Softly: Why Non-Invasive Data Governance Wins) and Robert S. Seiner with Pablo Riboldi (Interview of 2013 Data Governance Best Practice Award Winner).

Please feel free to contact the publisher with all suggestions and comments regarding this and past issues.

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