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Welcome to, the industry leading publication for people interested in learning about data administration and data management disciplines & best practices. Each monthly issue addresses the most challenging issues of the day.  Your readership is greatly appreciated.  Please send comments and suggestions to Bob Seiner.

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The Data Administration Newsletter ( is temporarily on hiatus. Special thanks to our partner BeyeNETWORK, purchased by TechTarget, for their continued support. will be going through some exciting changes in the near future so please stay tuned. We will be back stronger then ever! Thank you, as always, for being a reader.

The items on the right side of the main page (news, blogs and article from elsewhere) will continue to be updated weekly. The original content, published since 1997, will remain available during the hiatus.

The most recent issue of contains a new book excerpt from Robert S. Seiner (What Not To Tell Management About Data Governance), new articles from Daragh O Brien (Lord of the Data Rings, Part 1: The Data Gollum), and Dan Skatov (The Curious Case of Modern Consistency) as well as a recent article from Nicola Askham (7 Tips for Running a Successful Data Governance Forum).

Feature Columns are available from Robert S. Seiner (Real-World Data Governance), Anne Marie Smith Ph.D. (The EIM Puzzle), Larry  Burns (Agile Data Design) and Lisa Nelson of DAMA International (The DAMA Corner).

Special Features include a new interview of Bob Seiner by The Data Governance Coach (Nicola Askham), a review of the latest book from Larissa Moss by David Haertzen was added, and the Best of 2013 Special Features are still listed from Jelani Harper (Walk Softly: Why Non-Invasive Data Governance Wins) and Robert S. Seiner with Pablo Riboldi (Interview of 2013 Data Governance Best Practice Award Winner).

Please feel free to contact the publisher with all suggestions and comments regarding this and past issues.

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